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The guys that worry about the ferris scalping have nothing to worry about in my opinion. I ran one for two years with the last company I worked for and noticed no more scalping issues than you run into with any other ztr. The way they mounted the deck hangers to the suspension arms controls the movement of the deck. If you can imagine dropping down into a ditch with the front end, as the weight is shifted onto that front caster wheel the suspension compresses and in return raises the deck as you drop in. As you keep going of course the suspension rebounds and the deck drops to follow the contour. You are still responsible for floating the deck to mow certain uneven spots, but that is a requirement that any experienced z operator should have no problem doing. I've never used a gravely 400, but have heard great things about them. However, I have used deeres, walkers, hustlers, grasshoppers, and honestly the ferris is above all of them in ride quality.
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