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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Can't do 'em all on Friday.

So why not finish doing them on Saturday?

I do not know the size of your business. Advertising budget. How much room is in your schedule to add more work.

Though I tend to lean that your pricing maybe a touch to low. along with you need to pre qualify customers on the phone.

Most landscapers have work that is not profitable for them to do. Are you taking on that type of work? Based on where your strengths are you may be best served by being more selective on who you are going to go take on as customers.
I don't think my prices are too low. I'm very selective in the customers I want and the jobs I want to do. That seems to be the problem, customers call 3-5 companies to provide estimates and pick the cheapest one. I will not beat any competitors prices. I have my own prices to pay my costs, myself and turn in a profit, which works for me. The problem is running around doing estimates.
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