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Originally Posted by Pro-Lawn&Grounds View Post
(NOTICE! - These are steps on planting a DORMANT bare root tree. I never plant barefoot trees at any time except between november to march. The chances of your tree doing well this year -if living at all- are going to be very slim. If I was you I'd buy a new one that was NOT bare root.)

It's simple. You dig the hole to the appropriate depth (deeper if your soil quality is poor as you'll need to amend it or replace it with a good loam). Then you insert a tree stake into the ground in the hole so it stands vertically with the way the tree will be planted. Next put the tree in the hole and attach it via strap (rope wire etc) to the pole so that it is perfectly aligned with the stake. Then mix the soil you've taken out of the hole with proper planting compost, loam, sand etc (based on the soil condition - usually just planting compost works however I like to fully amend all soils I'm planting in to ensure the best results)
Really? Damn I didn't realize the success rate was so low. I always thought bare root was the way to go. Spring is just now arriving here in Kansas City so I hope I'm not too late!
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