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[QUOTE=Lawnut101;4743437]Haven't done this big of a property before. It's about 80,000ft2. Dirt and grade was already done last fall. Just needs to be gone over with a Harley rake, and some low spots filled in. I'm figuring up to 100 yds to fill in areas. There is minor tilling, maybe 10,000ft2, but the soil looks to be decent in that area. I will need to rent a Harley rake, and straw blower if I want to go about it that way. Without dirt, this option is looking to be around $5,317.65 with profit included.

Hydroseeding is another option, but I may just sub that out as I would have to rent the hydroseeder. That option would be a little closer to $1,000 more.

Do these prices sound fairly reasonable?

Thank you[/QUOTE how was you going to seed it . we do alot of seeding with a drill seeder best way to go
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