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New guy here from Georgia

I am starting my first year and I have a few customers , It seems as of everyone want something for nothing now. I have a small setup.... a small 5x10 trailer, an exmark lazer z hp 44, two stihl weed eaters one stihl edger and a stihl br600, one solo sprayer and a few thing here and there. I have enough to ake the yards pretty but it seem as if I a just in a hole that I cant get out of. All my equip is paid for but the jobs arent rolling in like i think they should. There are some nice neighbor hoods around here and I am a well spoken educated guy and have the gift of gab. I may just park my truck in the front of the neighborhoods and walk around on a nice sat and go door to door and see if I can drum up business, Does anyone else have any other ways to dru up some more business?? My name is miles by the way and I have been cutting grass for years just trying to start doing what I love but at the moment I am frustrated, I need to get some nicer yards in some nicer neighborhoods so I can show off my skills. I am sick and tired of mowing lawns that have not been touched in a year!
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