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djag -- unless LT Rich has somehow changed their Z-aerator, I don't think it's a machine to consider. But I have not tried one for over a year. Just sayin'.

Regarding Toro/Exmark >> their main USA warehouse is here in Ankeny, IA. Spoke with a local dealer last week. Said the warehouse had plenty. ??? Exmark/Toro, etc.

XT5 = you won't be sorry. It's my guys' favorite "walk-behind" bar none.

Service 1st. I was rude to you. I apologize. I tested the Toro stand-on aerator (again) today. I wish it pulled about 50% more plugs. And there is NO WAY to add additional tines. I was pulling plugs nearly 4 inches at the 2000 psi - just wish I could pull twice as many 2 1/2 inch plugs. 30 inch aeration width kinda sucked too. Especially for nearly $10,000.

If you hear of TURFCO building a stand-on aerator, please let me know. Will was here today (TURFCO), and he was unaware also. Please keep me informed. Thanks.
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