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Thank you very much for the honest response Joe. I had considered going the mb route as well. My thinking was this. I don't necessarily need two big side discharge. I could be more productive with a smaller side discharge/mulching as well as the 60" version. Right now what is holding me back productivity wise is the fact that I can really only run one mower on my larger properties. So eliminating a bagging mower would allow me to increase my productivity without really changing many things. I would keep the smaller deck width on the mb because so far I have been able to get through all he back yard gates with the 48". So instead of going with the mbs, I may look at keeping my super z for now, and shooting for the mbk 23 with the trade in from my ghs model. I feel this would be the most responsible/ least expensive way at making my business more profitable. I really have no complaints about the hustler, other than I would like to run the same brand at some point.
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