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I've had my ExMark Riding Aerator 30" for a year now. No great!

I usually only have the psi at 200 to 250. No need to go deeper....pulls 2 1/2" to 3 1/4" plugs. I usually over lap a bit when I make a big's quick, fast, and easy.

Tearing up the grass...just let up on the tine pedal before you come to the end of the yard....make your "Y" turn....then when you are square...hit the tine pedal and go the opposite way.

Making turns with the tines in the ground...can be done...if you go slow and don't have a sharp circle, but I usually just hexagon with straight passes around trees/bushes....this way it gives me enough room/boarder around the object and then I can run straight back in forth....just like cutting a yard. It looks like their yard is striped with a ton of little plugs laying in their grass.

The question is...can you justify spending a lot of money for aeration? If you don't have a lot of customers or wanting to expand your aeration business...then it's had to justify the cost.

If you are's a great can replace two to three workers = More Profit!

I guess I'm lucky...because My L.S. Dual Hydro Walk behind Aerator 24" works great for me! And if Toro/ExMark ever comes out with this may not make more plugs (like other machines)...but at full speed....I have to almost run behind it...or you can use a sulky if you like. But it's a great machine for backyards with gates.

As long as your customer is happy....that's all that matters....and I've never had a customer complain on My Plug Count in their yards. They are usually amazed at how many plugs are in their yard.
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