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Well, I tried uploading pictures once again but get errors. Nothing special about their size but I don't have much time to dig into it. We are really rolling this year and I just hired a second sales person because we simply can't cover the leads. A majority of it is all maintenance but we have had a ton of referrals. I guess we're doing something right after all!? Last year we had about 8 guys at this time and all together we're running about 25 right now. We've definitely been blessed and it's also the spring rush, so things will back off a bit in a couple months. The hard part now is managing it but we're making it happen. I hope everyone is having a great spring!

*The box trucks are great. We have four of them now and they're all wrapped. Look up K&K Manufacturing in Georgia for dovetails and ask for Denise. They're great people, very friendly. If you buy one, ask for the 2' dovetail with longer ramps. We have two at 2' and two at 4'. The 4' swings more and I might be removing them, selling them and buying 2' dovetails so they're all the same.
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