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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
Thank you very much for the honest response Joe. I had considered going the mb route as well. My thinking was this. I don't necessarily need two big side discharge. I could be more productive with a smaller side discharge/mulching as well as the 60" version. Right now what is holding me back productivity wise is the fact that I can really only run one mower on my larger properties. So eliminating a bagging mower would allow me to increase my productivity without really changing many things. I would keep the smaller deck width on the mb because so far I have been able to get through all he back yard gates with the 48". So instead of going with the mbs, I may look at keeping my super z for now, and shooting for the mbk 23 with the trade in from my ghs model. I feel this would be the most responsible/ least expensive way at making my business more profitable. I really have no complaints about the hustler, other than I would like to run the same brand at some point.
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Good choice CurbApealKS! Out of all the Walkers I've ever owned the MBK 23 is my favorite. I also have a MBK 18 but the 23 is a bit nicer. This mower is very well balanced and has a extremely simple design. Simple to service and great on hills. Really a mighty little machine. My clients were very happy to see us bring the little yellow mower back after trying the red ones... I had spoiled them with the GHS Walkers for many years and they noticed the difference when we switched to the Toro GS's. Even though when we went back to Walkers using the mulching decks they still thought that we were bagging. They just knew the "yellow" mowers do a better job. The lawns are healthier from mulching too. You can always throw on a bigger deck if need be. Now is good time to pick one up since Sheffield is offering 0% loans on them. We are thinking of picking another on up now. Good luck!
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