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There isn't too many people in our area that have you sign a contract for work of any sorts. Big jobs or new houses they might. Maybe we have a different mindset around here.

However the I have been wanting to or thinking I should get contracts since more people are trying to get extra work out of us for free. Like I said I spell out in the proposal what we are going to do.

One reason I haven't done them is a time issue. I am looking at 3-5 yards a week and more here in the spring. Each one usually takes a couple hours at the minimum to come up with the price, come up with a sketch and write up a proposal and many of them take longer. I barely have time to meet with them the first time let a lone go back a second time to have them sign a contract. I just have them send me a 1/3 down before we start the work if they agree to what is in the proposal.

I have done quite a bit for our city and never signed a contract they just used the proposal as the agreement.

I know at some point I will say I wish I had a contract for this job. I have been trying to work on getting it started. The biggest thing I have to deal with is plants so am having them sign a sheet that they understand how to care for them and what we will and won't guarantee. They think since they watered it once it should live all year.
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