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Built like a tank. Very heavy and leaves some rutting on soft ground. I took the upper gimmick blade off, cut the center out and used it to shim the lower blade. The upper blade does nothing but disrupt airflow and grind grass to wet, green paste. I put the lower blade in a vice and bent the lift to about 45-50 degrees. I then took the governor spring and put it in the very bottom hole on the throttle bell crank. This will increase your max rpms to about 3500-3600 with the blades engaged. This is how the shop increases rpms.It will still idle perfectly and run as normal.. It will use more gas for sure. Now a good mower is now a great mower. The added lift and the single blade coupled with increased rpms is perfect for bagging and wet grass. When you engage the blades the catcher fill up with air so tight you think its going to pop. I have 3 HRC that I have done this too.

I was frustrated with poor vacuum and bagging. This has been a great mod for our hrc mowers. I live in Seattle and we mow and bag wet grass more than dry. This has saved us a ton of time. If you try this you will wonder how you operated before.

These mowers are 2 years old and have had no issues. I will buy Honda again and do the same mod if these ever break.

Good luck the Hondas are well built and reliable.
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