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I received an email this morning I'd like to share, notice that it was last week 4/16 & this was the first I'd heard anything. This is precisely why I should have been using Ricks service clause agreement all along:

Attention: Adam Neusbaum

Reference: Core Aeration – 04-16-2013
Leesburg, FL 34748

Thank you for doing such a fine job of the core aeration on our property here in Legacy of Leesburg on April 16, 2013.

HOWEVER, later that afternoon TruGreen arrived to fertilize our lawn and discovered a leaking sprinkler pipe.
The cause of the leak was determined to be a puncture to the pipe via one of your aeration equipment.

I was able to have the repairs made by one of our association lawn service workers as the photos below indicate.
The cost incurred was $22.00 (which I had to pay in cash) . . . extremely lower than charges if a licensed plumber had been hired.

I am requesting the cost of the repairs only (not the increase in my water bill) due to the aeration damage be reimbursed to me.

Thank you again for an excellent core aeration service.

Here's a link to the pics.
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