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This thread hit it's end awhile back but since it's still open...

I cut a lawn at an inch and a half...why?
--The daughter is one of my best clients, she pre pays, she has a great lawn, she has a big lawn, and although I never take advantage of it, she has even told me if my schedule gets to tight from rain, hers can be the first lawn i skip and reschedule when I can. The lawn i cut at an inch and a half is her parents. Her parents are the type that think the shorter the better. It's weed infested and I explained that being cut so short promotes weed growth, they insist it's not that.

That being said. Ask your advice on a thread, or explain what you did and why you did it. But don't argue with a bunch of people that obviously have more experience than you about grass types and length. Either cut the guy's lawn or don't. Don't explain that since you live in Michigan and no one does that in Michigan ( even though someone from Michigan contradicted you ) that no one else should either.

Cut the guy's lawn or don't cut it. It's a lot more simple than try to argue how you're right when there really is no right answer except for what is right for you.
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