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Using federal reserve debt notes as they stand are a possibility of an adhesion contract with aunty irs or the gov.

No one has any authority over me or can force me to enter into a private business contract with aunty irs or the gov. You do that all by yourself. Please go learn what the word "apply" means in their "legal" reference dictionaries. When you "apply" for any of their paperwork, there is no equal consideration in the contract. You are the only entity signing it. I figured that one out when I went to get my driving permit for the first time. The DMV officer would not sign the permit contract or get anyone else to sign it.My father always told me to never sign anything unless their is equal consideration given. And at least one other signature on it. I see none in any aunty irs or gov or state, city, county, township contracts. Only a fool would sign them. What does that say about the majority of the population in this country? Zero critical thinkers.

The point is I will not and do not have to pay anything from my private affairs for compensating the labor of any people. I do not engage in private business with aunty irs or the state or the gov. THAT IS YOUR CHOICE. The only way their going to pull the wool over my eyes is to force the barrel of a gun down my throat. That is called slavery, terrorism, fraud and so on and so forth.

"They" have no authority over you or I or any other people for that matter. This land we live on belongs to the people, not the united states, aunty irs, the county or the city. Those are nothing but private for profit businesses. And you folks wonder why the usa is the way it is. All I ever see is everyone blaming everyone else. What a well adjusted society we live in eh?
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