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I hear you Larry, was out bidding work this week a call from an elder gentleman. Last guy sent letter out he is going out of business. I walk the property and he said wants full maintenance from spring to fall. I take all my notes and tell him I will call him back. I work up the price for all the services, and break them down. Since we only do service agreements for residential, we bill for each service as completed. Long story short I bid $55 for the lawn cutting only each week, he said WOW the last guy charged me $25 a cut and did it for me for 30 years. $25 a cut and would add $10-15 for added services, he was also traveling about 30 miles each way. I told him my price is what it is and I though I was giving him a deal because my min. is $60. No wonder why his guy is not doing it any longer, I don't think he was breaking even on it. I get at least 1 call like this every two weeks the whole country must be loaded with them.
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