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Soil test results

Hello all. Just received my soil test results back.
I have centipede that was installed as sod approx 4yrs ago in my new home, and did great the first 2 yrs. This year has a bit of yellowing and thinning especially in the backyard which is why I sent off for a soil test initially. There were a few spots (as can be seen in the photos) in the backyard that died but are starting to fill back in with the centipede stolons. I'm not too concerned about those areas, unless someone thinks I should be, and will place new sod in those spots or just let them fill in on their own slowly.

The results recommendations:
Soil pH - 6.9
Phosphorus - 8 -VLow
Potassium - 32 - Low
Magnesium - 54 - High
Calcium - 227

Nitrogen: 2lb/1000sqft
Phosphorus: 1lb/1000sqft
Potassium: 2lb/1000sqft
Apply 10lb/1000sqft gypsum as calcium fertilizer source


Front Yard:

Back Yard:

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