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Originally Posted by starry night View Post
OK Sooner, I remember you on this forum occasionally. I think you are primarily
an irrigation business and dabble in lighting? It is hard to give you detailed answers to all your questions. If you want to operate a landscape lighting business, it is necessary to educate yourself not only on the technical aspects and the design aspects but also the business aspects which includes how to present yourself to clients. Maybe you ought to read some books such as "The Blue Ocean Strategy" which explains how to set yourself apart from your competitors.

James, Enjoy yourself at Lightfair. Are you also part of the Illumicare team there? That show is beyond my capabilities at this time but maybe I will be smart enough in the future to gain something from attending.
Yes, I do irrigation service but I am serious about lighting. I much prefer it to irrigation service but I've not achieved the consistency with it yet that I find in irrigation service. I think I'm good at it.

Thanks for the tip on the book; I'll check it out on Amazon.
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