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My reply to the original question is a combination of others. IF the customer requests it and you see it as not being needed give your professional input. If I think aerating is a better choice I will point that out. IF they still want the dethatching I will quote it for them. When preparing the quote keep in mind that renting a dethatcher isn't hard it is fairly cheap. To use it like was said earlier, it's like a 21" mower. You just walk behind it and although it isn't self propelled it will help move itself after you get the blades set to be at ground level. Make sure you mow the lawn shorter before using it. Then you can rake it up when you are done. I use a bagger on my stander to pick it up, or have used a lawn sweeper pulled behind my ZTR. You will pull a lot of debris off the lawn. I always package up aerating and over-seeding when I dethatch. It is a great time to get new seed on the lawn. Remind the customer that the lawn needs water and sun to grow. Fertilizer is also a good idea. As for price 2.5 x lawn mowing is the rate I utilize. Good luck and hope I was able to help.
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