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Originally Posted by nate243 View Post
Looking for some help, care to elaborate? To add, most yards in my neighborhood look simliar to this. Live in Florida on the panhandle, and temperatures have been so up and down this winter/fall.
The general yellowing would suggest possible/probable nutrient deficiency, most likely nitrogen. The yellow streaking & isolated areas might suggest possible take-all root rot. More investigation is warranted here.

Originally Posted by nate243 View Post
My plan was to apply Lesco 15-0-15 fertilizer this spring to start, and later in the season apply a like dose with add phosphorus per the test results. In between those applications, to add the recommended gypsum also.
The soil test tells me very little about your site and canned lab recommendations should not be followed blindly, if at all. Further, if the soil sampling was not done properly the test results are essentially meaningless.

That said, I wouldn't concern yourself with phosphorus. Personally I would probably lean towards a custom mix of ammonium sulfate and SOP (sulfate of potash) given your pH, but without knowing soil type, environment and soil water management can't really recommend anything with certainty.
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