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If you use them daily they will wear through tires fairly quickly.

The pull starter rope is mounted up along the side of the push frame. It is the one most r3tarded engineering complaints I have of the machine. Have to cut the starter rope down so the grab handle sits in the hole going to the starter flywheel. My old honda commercials always had the starter rope and handle where they should correctly be. On top of the engine and flywheel.

The machines definitely come from the factory with the max power set way to low. You need to bump up the R.P.M's to where you can really get suction and a better cut. After 350 hours each on 2 hrc's, and running 675~700 RPM higher, we see no detrimental effects yet on the engines or the spark plugs and oil we change every 50 hours.

The notches in each height adjuster are in my opinion a bit shallow. We have our share of super rough turf around these parts. We just used an industrial fein multimaster to make the grooves a bit deeper(don't forget to polish and smooth the surface you eat out when you're done, and repaint etc.).

Other than that, so far we have had no other issues with them. The trannys have been strong(no leaks, no grinding). Bearings have been perfect. Keep a schedule of maintenance on them like any other machine and they do what you paid for them to do.
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