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Rick- You are right on about the easy for me $22 fix 'cause this job was out of my normal service area anyway & it would have been a pain getting back there. I just got a little touchy over the "cheaper than a licensed plumber comment" 'cause if they'd tried handing me an $80 bill without notifying me first I'd have been really irritated. Then the "won't charge your for our increased water bill" was a bit silly since they found the leak the same day.
On a different note: Ever think about attaching a 30" + push broom head to the underside foot platform on our Exmarks as a mini drag-mat? With all the maneuvering we do a regular drag mat wouldn't work. Most callers ask what we do with the plugs afterward. I tell them how quickly they'll break down & besides for me personally it's a great attention grabber which makes passerby's think- "maybe we should get that done", I'd sorta hate for hit to look like nothing happened with the plugs gone but it'd probably be more beneficial to the lawn to knock 'em down.
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