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The problem is not thatch, it is excessive thatch. KBG is prone to excessive thatch when soil conditions at the root are not ideal, and in this world, ideal soil is a goal, not a reality for most lawns. So thatch removal is a constant concern, and I have no hesitation about removing thatch on most lawns I encounter, simply because it should not have been there to begin with. If there is enough thatch to detract from the appearance of the turf, I remove it. But I don't stop there. I consider the conditions that promote thatch, primarily excessive N, and compacted soil. You take care of those, you won't have a thatch problem going forward. BTW, PRG is not a thatch former, and does great in compacted soil, which is why I am liking it more and more, even in DC/MD, where the summers are not exactly PRG's friend. If I was as far north as a lot of guys on this board, I'd make it my mainstay.
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