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full time

i never understood someone working 2 jobs. if 1 job isn't enough you need to find a real job.

i know some people that work 3 jobs. i just don't get it. there's more to life than money. get rid of the 3 crappy jobs and get 1 real job.

i understand some jobs like firemen, paramedics, or whatever have days off. if i did that though i would just enjoy my days off. they get paid well enough not to have to work on their days off or maybe they are just bored? some people are just workaholics though or want as much money as they can get no matter what they have to do. they will sleep 4hrs a night and work 7 days a week 15hrs a day. i don't understand that type of person.

i see these guys that are married and they work 80hrs a week and their wife does nothing all day. the kids are in school so she could get a job of some type even if it was part time. it's like the man is killing himself to provide for the whole family while they just spend all the money he makes. it just doesn't make sense. i'd say i'll work 40hrs. if you want to buy more things then you can get a job to make extra money.

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