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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
I don't have anything against a guy looking for more money. Provided they are not dragging down the industry to do it.
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me neither. it's just most of the time that is what they are doing. it's just spare money to them. they don't depend on it to make a living or to pay their bills. it's "extra" money to them. so they go around charging $30 to cut a yard that people like us charge $40 to mow. these guys don't even have to pay for health insurance because their normal job provides them with health insurance at a low cost or even free in some cases. people don't seem to understand how this is a negative thing for a full time person trying to make ends meet.

they are free to do it so nothing we can do about it but a day doesn't go by where i think to myself. what if all these guys didn't mow on the side? all of us full timers would have more than enough work and we could make a much better living.

i'm 100% sure that all the part timers or on the side guys out there mow more yards than all of the full time people out there if you combine them all together. that can't be a good thing for this industry.

i'm guessing here, but in my area i would think there are about 10 full time lawn companies. some large and some solo. i would guess there are about 100 on the side guys. they may only cut 5 yards each i dunno but if they didn't do it that would be 500 customers to split between the 10 full time companies. that's alot of customers.

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