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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Hope you're equipment locks and you carry. Another poster almost got shot in the face over a wire thief in a bad hood. It ain't worth it if you can't go to the backyard and not worry about your gear.
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Nice point Patriot (I love your handle). Most lawns like these areas often need total renovation. I normally leave a lawn care estimate (price it high), but I also leave a business card from a company that has skid loaders, can haul dirt, and can sod/seed after that. Often times, a total renovation costs as much as the property is worth.

We seldom "carry", but in these neighborhoods we do (NRA training recommendation). All my guys (except one) have a permit to carry. Even all the gals in the office "carry". Yep -- we are conservative Constitutionalists. God bless America and those who work & pay taxes.
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