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overbidding didn't work for me. I had bid high on one, they still called back. the backyard had springs, yes springs.. from god knows what.. all over the yard, and a trampoline that looked like a t-rex had a go at it.

Now, its.. sorry, my schedule is full.

Originally Posted by Coles Lawn Service View Post
How do you guys & gals handle customers / potential customers in bad neighborhoods? Bad meaning: run down areas where crime & drugs are common things on any given day. I try to focus my business on the middle to high end customer base but I inevitably get requests for bids in these types of areas as well. Profit is minimal at best in these areas and there is also a major concern for the safety of my crew, myself and my equipment.

Is it better to just politely decline the opportunity to bid or bid high enough to where I wouldn’t get the job anyhow? Thoughts and suggestions please.
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