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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
So bad soil causes thatch. But not if ryegrass is growing on it?
Or does excessive nitrogen cause thatch? How much nitrogen? Does compaction cause thatch--if so how much compaction?
To me thatch is a sign of an aggressive cultivar of Kentucky bluegrass...doing what it is supposed to do...get really thick.
Power raking is fine--if the customer believes it will cause quicker greenup in spring. (Probably will not). The brown appearance of certain grass types probably reflects the slow spring greenup of certain high-quality Kentucky bluegrass cultivars...which will look truly excellent later on.
To clarify, if you have excessive thatch with KBG, too much N and compaction are likely causes. KBG won't need or "want" to form excessive thatch if those are addressed. Some thatch, yes, but not un-cosmetic amounts. PRG is not a thatch former no matter what you do -- it does not have rhizomes or stolens, so it can't form thatch. It also does well in compacted soils, where KBG is going to form thatch unless you do a lot of aeration. So that's my thinking on that.
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