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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
bees are in decline across much of north america. We need them. If they are true bees, there should be people willing to come and get them for free. I see signs up here and there and I actually met a beekeeper who comes and gets large hives. I think they're a little nuts but they are providing a valuable service. Might be worth a shot and do something good for environment at the same time and save any bystanders from attack.
Yep yep, I plant clover in my yard & around the garden to give the honeybees something safe to snack on.

What got me last year wasn't honeybees, it was some kind of wasp or hornet.. about an inch long if that. Looked kinda like white & black yellow jackets. A few got me and they weren't as painful as jacket stings.

Funny story about that.. I was almost done mowing the pasture and saw a little stand I missed on the way back to the trailer. Put it in R, backed up a few feet, then noticed a few flies buzzing around. Started feeling pain and saw that the flies were wasps/hornets. They were swarming out from under the bush hog. They were attacking the cutter & wheel so I thought I could just turn the machine off and walk away a few hours later when it would be dark. Ha. they were on me like white on rice. Missed pushing the throttle all the way in so it sat there running with the cutter spinning of their nest. They were PISSED. Came back after a while with my truck and a chain.. snuck up to the loader bucket, hooked the chain and pulled the tractor forward about 30 yards. Sat in my truck for a bit till the coast was clear.. pulled the tractor out of harms way. Had a half dozen stings. Hate those things.
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