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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
Their is nothing "Pro" about a Courage engine. They are a low cost, low hour, junk, throwaway engine for light duty homeowner use. I would be surprised if you can get more that 500 hours before the engine wears out. I like the looks of that mower, and generally like Kubota products. Is there any other engine option for that machine?
I would not buy any ZTR with a Courage engine.
I'm thinking maybe someone had a bad experience with the Kohler? That's why I made the post, to get some opinions. But as I've read post after post here on LS, for every 5 guys that don't like the Kohlers, you'll have 5 that don't like the Briggs and so on with the Kaw's.

As I was waiting at the dealer today I was checking out a Snapper and a company rep approached me. We started talking about the Briggs which that model had on it. He swore by them. I told him of all the things that I have read about the dislike, for the Briggs. He told me he used to work for Kohler and yes they had a bad name years ago with issues and they really turned things around. And as he said to me, all 3 have had one or more issues in the past. Coming from a guy that sells ZTR's with mostly Briggs he told me that they are all are good motors. To answer your question MM, the other motor Kubota offers with this model is the Briggs. If I do decide on this one, I sure hope your wrong and it goes before 300 hrs because the warranty is 4 yrs or 300 hrs

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Oh my gosh put that chute back on. You are really pushing for an accident.
I know it, right? What can I say, I live on the edge! Grady
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