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New Bob-Cat Predator Pro DFI for my 62nd birthday

I just pulled the trigger on a new Predator Pro 61" with the FX1000V DFI Kawasaki. Bought it from Mike at Southern Indiana Equipment and watched it come out of the crate. Engine build date was Nov 2012 and mower was assembled in Jan 2013 so I'm hoping the bugs are out of the Kaw. The assembled quality of the mower is first rate, the paint and finish will stand up to close inspection. SIE is a good dealership and conveniently located. I opted for the 5 year, 500 hour warranty and Kawasaki warrants the engine for 3 years.

My first impression after a 3 acre cut is a good one. The seat and suspension are a huge improvement over the Grasshopper 226V I traded in and the Kaw is a powerful engine that is responsive and fun to drive. I especially like the spring assisted deck pedal and the height adjust system is superior to my old Grasshopper's good one. The engine starts with a bump of the key without a choke knob. I like the way the seat flips forward, without need for a cumbersome release lever, for easy access underneath and the floor pan flips up for easy belt access. The overall feel is heavy duty and powerful. The details seem well thought out. Cut and clipping dispersal was perfect but the grass was dry and fairly low, not a real test. I'm going to leave the rubber chute and rops attached.

Happy birthday to me.

I'm having trouble with my photobucket account and will try to repost pictures when I figure it out.
Big Wheels in the back
Little Wheels in front
It's downhill all the way

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