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I commented in another thread about weed matter and how it invades sites.
I also drove around door-to-door doing card hangers. I went through 5 new subs, and saw roll after roll of new tifton 419 just sitting around unfinished homes. This grass will sit there until the site is done. Keep in mind, new readers, that Bermuda will keep until it is installed as long as it is dormant. I have even seen where it will keep after sitting on a pallet for two months--moldy and smelly. However, by the time these new sites is finished, weeds have been known to grow right on top of a roll and pallet if left for long periods of time. Developers have to purchase the grass when it is available......not when they want it during the ample season. Our golf courses keep the growers in business repairing fairways. Getting back to topic.......yes it seems unrealistic to understand what is going on but isn't this what keeps the weed spraying guys in business? It all leads back to improper installation due to (not installer failure) but to timing failure.
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