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Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
If I had a strong PHC background I wouldn't be here educating myself and asking simple questions now would I?

would you mind sharing, and showing me the formula at the same time so I don't have these questions again?
I don't know what PHC is, but if you are going to be applying ferts you should already know this. The internet is a powerful tool, take some initiative and find some credible resources.

That said
1) Collect your data (soil test, area square footage, fertilizer percentage of actual nutrients)

2) Decide what you want for a minimum level of each nutrient in the soil

3) Convert soil test values ppm to lbs/acre (multiply by 2)

4) Based on the above data, determine how much fertilizer in lbs you need to apply to meet your target minimum level for the area.

5) Determine what frequency you want/need to apply at with consideration to losses and divide by that number

Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
Is it worth it for me to track down some milorganite as well?
It is worth it for you to track down some compost.
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