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All in all it definitely seems like toro has gone to the "push junk out as new models as fast as we can for profit" and then "let the suckers who have purchased the new model do all the work in telling us how to fix it" operation strategy.
Just hearing the words from Landscraper1 that toro does in fact not have most of the parts to fix broken down machines would make me run the other way from purchasing this machine. That would be the equivalent of you purchasing a new truck off the dealer lot and it breaking down the next day, only to be told "sorry, we don't have any parts to fix your new truck. In my opinion that is extremely pathetic. Sounds exactly like the issue I encountered when I was going to purchase a new gravely stand on. Horrendous service and not knowing the outcome after a mishap.
My pops always told me, "NEVER BUY A FIRST YEAR MODEL OF ANYTHING WITH AN ENGINE ON IT." Best advice ever.
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