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Originally Posted by Optimum Lawn View Post
So I picked up my 61" Prostance the other day and must say it is a very stout machine.
Initial thoughts
- not a huge fan of the operator presence but a necessary evil
-noticed the huge skid plates to protect the transaxles..well thought out as the last thing needed is to crack one of them cases due to??
-One thing I would like to see is a couple of zerks on the pins for the control arms off the front of the frame to the front of the deck....over time have had them seize up on a Z so that will be something I will add
-Love the Deck adjustment wheel....does not get any easier to set your deck height.
-Not sure if a pivoting front axle would be better or not

Is going to take a bit to get used to the controls but they are super smooth and very responsive.
Leaves a very nice smooth for stripping will reserve judgement for now till the grass gets fully set in.

Next up some side hilling
Congrats! Any updates?

The Pro-Stance seems to be selling very well this spring! Im not surprised at all after my experience.
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