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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
I've mowed for 100's of different clients and never once has anyone ever requested a specific height. Odd. I wonder why that is? I've never asked them outright what they want, though. I've had people request bi-weekly....never a specific height.
They don't say it outright because they don't know the specific number, but I have had customers say things like it "looks like it still needs a haircut" when I cut at 3.5, which i take to mean they want it lower. And for every customer who says anything at all, there are probably 5 who are thinking it but never tell you, but then they hire somebody else without telling you why either. So, I make a point of asking the person in charge whether they like the way it was done. If they say anything other than it's exactly what they want, I do it over. 100% customer satisfaction is the goal always, and you have to ask. That's what I found.
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