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Good evening all! We just bought a house with about 1.33-1.5 acres of grass to mow. I'm looking for a ZTR, probably somewhere around 4k. There's a Scag dealer in town, Husqvarna, and Toro. About 30 miles away is a place that sells Hustler and Bobcat. My top pick right now is a Toro MX5060 (50in deck, fabricated deck). There's a place in town selling a used Scag Freedom Z, 52" with a Briggs. Asking $3200. Thoughts on the used Scag vs the new Toro MX5060?

Also, is 30 miles too far to go to buy a mower? My concern there is service. I don't have a way to transport the mower. The Scag dealer and Toro dealer both seem great and both offer pickup/delivery services.

Thanks for any thoughts!
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