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MP Rotator change out

Have a system we maintain, small HOA townhome complex, and they have been built in stages by different builders. Each builder has been doing their own sprinkler install for their units, hooking to the mainline or just adding onto the neighboring zone. So, you guessed it, the system is a mess. We took this over spring of last year, and fought it all summer.

1" tap, meter, RP. 1.5" mainline. 1" laterals. The four worst zones have between 34 and 45 spray heads, with a mix of 10'-15' nozzles, even a few 18' VANs. These zones were so stretched it was unbelievable. The worst zone was of course the farthest from the source. I finally convinced them last week to let us do an MP change out.

The worst zone, at the farthest head from the zone valve, had 16 psi at the head. Heads would come up half way, 15' nozzles sprayed 8'-10', many areas not getting covered. And they b!tched at us all last summer about it. Changed out today with a mix of 1000s and 2000s. Pressure reading at the same had - 39 psi. Worked like a charm. Great coverage, heads pop fully up, center of the yards are getting covered by multiple heads. Did 4 zones today, about 160 nozzles. Three more zones to go, and fix one zone that is a mix of sprays and rotors. Felt good to make the system better.

Got sunburned today, more snow coming Wednesday.
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