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Originally Posted by Paradise Yard Service View Post
Maybe Little Wonder. 7lbs.

There actually are some safety factors you get with these. Once you let go of the trigger, blades stops almost run-on like the gas ones.No smoke in your face or loud noise esp. if you get the quiet type generator. I have no experience using but I have seen a few threw the years using them.
My little wonder Gas 30'' trimmer single edge don't smoke and I take my finger off the trigger and it stops don't keep running the bar

I keep mine tuned up I run smokeless oil in it
I bought another gas trimmer double edge.
I do have Little wonder Electric ones they sit at the shop I haven't used them for over 12 yrs.

But see you are from Ca and you have Air problems there so I see you using electric I wont go back unless the gov. tells me to
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