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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The glyphosate in the mixture was a bad idea, even when targetting specifc weeds, becuz any grass it touches also dies...
But if one IS using glyphosate,,, there is really no reason to use 2,4D along with it, except for specific mutated weeds that no longer respond to gly...
Usually one does not spray for broadleaf until later in the season and all of the Spring Touchup Seeding is complete...
This late in the game I would say it does not matter if you seed in 10 days or 2 weeks,,, unless you have shade and water on your side...
Once your weeds are dead and dried, hit the area with a garden weasel, irrigate and seed(when the soil dries) with the weasel again, preferably working in a bit of compost at the same time...
Read closer Think the OP wanted do a burndown to reseed a area. He didn't need to mix 2-4d with the gly unless he was spraying tall weeds and wanted to spike his mix. If spraying tall weeds with gly mix it stronger its a different mix if you are spraying 6'' of growth

The comment you made about broadleaf spraying. What are you talking about??

The OP ask a simple question. You went somewhere else with the answer. Stay on track
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