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I know fall is the best time to plant grass, but, He didn't get it done then, and wants to try and do it now. It has been unseasonably COOL in our area of SouthCentral Kansas all Spring, so earlier planting than now, probably wouldn't have resulted in any germination at all. I'm a farmer, and its been too cool, soil temp wise, to even think about planting anything to grow. I know, in soybeans, you don't want to spray a 24D mix burndown right prior to planting. If you do, you hope it doesn't rain right after, as the 24D will go down into the ground and hurt germination of the soybean seed. Not familiar with grass, as I never plant any. :-) 24D label doesn't say anything about time to wait prior to planting grass seed, as normally 24D is applied to established grass stands. I think he was going for some henbit with the 24D, which the glyphosate doesn't do a good job on. BUT,if he had it to do over again, I think he would have just stayed with straight glyphosate.
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