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Originally Posted by GrassGuy309 View Post
I've been reading a lot about killing zoysia and people are saying that it's nearly impossible. That even after 3 bouts with roundup it can still come back. I'm not sure how much of an option tilling would be because of the irrigation system. I usually use a fescue blend around here but most of the yards I am called to work in are average typically. This new job is immaculate and in a very private subdivision. Really needing to prove ourselves here to hopefully pick up some new dr. and lawyer clients.
I did a lawn last year was 40k I sprayed it one time with a strong mix. The lawn has a irrigation system was pain working around the heads.
I ran tractor rear tiller at a idle and chunk the zoysia grass out. Then went in removed it with a Skid steer the chunks
So far haven't seen any zoysia coming back this year. I'll be first to see it since I maintain the grounds.
Did same thing to one yesterday but in this case couldn't spray it So I remove about 6''- 8'' of soil and Zoysia sod, I will haul in new top soil. The Zoysia grass is still in dormant stage.
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