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You have to understand something...

Back years ago I used to feel just like you do, I had it going on, like many of you, could pick and chose and be cocky and all of that.
But that was long before the Great Recession, the stock market crash happened in October 2008, that was during my 7th year.
And let me tell you, things were bad, people were committing suicide by jumping out of high rise windows daily.
Yes, I am dead serious, you could read about it on the news, every single day, CEO's and such.

It certainly was the absolute worst I had ever seen, and I was at a complete loss on what to do.
Things had not been this bad since the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Then one day I saw something that made me change my mind.
There was a piece of road kill on one of my client's property.
What could I do, I knew a car had killed it, I knew my client was not responsible for having put it there.
Unlike dog poop, the responsibility card had shifted away from my client, so who was responsible for it?

And you think business is bad today, I am telling you there were things I learned to do during hard times that make today's hard work look like a walk in the park.
I am telling you, I was hurting for business.
So, I cleaned it up, no questions asked.

That is when Dog crap became far from the worst I run into that I clean off my client's property.

Once you load a couple of these on your trailer, I promise dog crap won't bother, won't even phase you.
Funny too, NOBODY will tailgate while it's on there.
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