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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
if you can stand it, drop them. what i do with these people that leave their dog poop in the yard, dog toys, childrens toys, water hoses, and things like that is I ask them once or twice to pick it up, then after that if it continues, I fire them. I got better stuff to do than pick up that crap.

Remember, your a lawn service, not a maid service. Customers can sometimes get us confused and think that we are a "clean up crew". No, we show up and mow the grass and clean up clippings, limbs, moss and sticks. Not toys, mcdonalds bags, beer cans and what not. You need to remind people that sometimes.
You in the wrong field of work then
Im not a maid service I don't go in homes I'm a lawn service and anything that's in the lawn you should pick up. That's why they hired you to do so.
Dog poo is a good thing fert the lawn grass grows.

If you wont pick up the trash why even bother to pick up the limbs, that doesn't make sense.
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