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Why not look for a columbus lco to cover for you. he'd have his own eqpt.

Originally Posted by charlesdjones1 View Post
Active Duty here moving to Columbus, GA in Jan from the Campbell area. I recently purchased a 6'4"x 14' with a Gravely ZT 52 HD, and all Kawasaki power tools. Still got about 3 years on my contract but looking to get something started early next year. I will be operating as a one man operation for the most part, but still haven't quite figured out how I'm going to work around my military schedule yet when we have to go to the field and what not. But that should not be on weekends, which is when I plan on doing most of my work. I have talked with a few people I know in Ga that said they could "cover" down for me if that comes up, or if Saturdays get rained out, but I am a little reluctant to turn over a 2012 Silverado Z71 CC and $12000 in equipment even to good friends.
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