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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
6,000 gph is a good flow rate for that size pond. You do not state the level of biofiltration.
I would try to remove as much of the organic debris as possible.
This being a northern climate pond, fish health issues are not unusual after the Spring thaw. During the winter the fish's metabolism is quite low which compromises their immune system. This makes them an easy target for any pathogenic organism that may be in the pond. It is practically impossible to control as the actual infection occurs during ice-over.
Did you experience ice-over this past winter and, if so, did you maintain an opening in the ice by means of a heater or aeration?
It is an aquascapes system. I am not sure how to answer you as I am so new to all of this.

I called a fish hatchery and they are almost sure that I have a bacteria called Protozoa.
They told me what to get and I added it.

I have since gotten all the debris out, and pumped out 1000 gallons and replaced it.

Lost 12 big fish the first day, lost 5 yesterday and 3 more today.

Weird thing is it doesn't seem to be bothering my little fish. More the big ones.

The fish actually look like their scales are coming off they are not moving much at all. Then when I put a stick close to them they take off and swim.

Do you have any ideas?
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