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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
You in the wrong field of work then
Im not a maid service I don't go in homes I'm a lawn service and anything that's in the lawn you should pick up. That's why they hired you to do so.
Dog poo is a good thing fert the lawn grass grows.

If you wont pick up the trash why even bother to pick up the limbs, that doesn't make sense.
Maybe i should have been more clearn. If there isn't an overwhelming amount of trash, i will pick it up and think nothing of it. The occasional beer can or garden hose left out, childrens toy is okay. However, if they have a bunch of items in the yard, i will still pick it up in order to do my job. I then tell the customer or write a note on the invoice: "Please pick up so and so next time please".

If I come back the next week and its all strung out in the yard again, I will either drop them or charge them or tell them that I will charge them next time, which ever i feel like doing, its at my discretion.

If there are a bunch of limbs out in the yard from a storm that will take more than 10 or 15 minutes to pick up, I will have to let the customer know before i start that i will have to charge him a little extra to get the sticks up.

If every single one of my clients did that and it cost me 10 extra minutes a yard, i would lose 1 1/2 hrs in a day! that's enough time to do two or three average lawns. that would be about 100 bucks!

Time is money, and im not gonna lose money on a client that never picks up his trash. I can be somewhere else making the same money I'm making at his. There is too much business for me to be wasting money having me and my worker clean up the clients mess that's strung out all over the place, in order to do our jobs.
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