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Empire and Diamond Zoysia Renovations

Just did 2 renovations this week. 1 on Empire Zoysia and 1 on Diamond Zoysia.

Here's the Empire:

I Verticut and scalped with my counter-rotating blade then sanded. Pics aren't the best, but hopefully you get the idea.

After Verticutting:

After Scalping:

After Sanding:

This was first Verticut, then Aerated, then cut with my Tru-cut, then lightly sanded. You can't even see the sand in the Zoysia from my pic as it was lightly topdressed and pushbroomed very well

After Verticutting and Aerification:

After Cutting with Tru-cut:

After Sanding:

I will post pics this week to show the progress. Going to probably be Aerating and Topdressing a Seville Lawn soon as well as a Palmetto Lawn. I'll post pics of those as they happen.
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