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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
I think Toro/ExMark were surprised at how many people were ordering their riding aerators.

When Lawn Solutions had had their riding aerators (before selling out to Toro)...they had a hard time maintaining enough parts for the demand from the customer. They were caught not having a good supply chain in their customer service suffered, they L.S. sold machines that they couldn't make because they didn't have parts, didn't really know when they were going to get the parts, and the story goes on. They had a good product, but couldn't supply the demand the customer needed.

They made and changed the aeration world (I think) with a great machine....yes it needed some improvements....but I think they were on the right track....they just didn't want to deal with the rest of the problems that comes with owning a business...going from small to a world level.

The guys down there wanted to spend time making new machines... then hunt down a good machine company that could make quality parts and supply them on time. So their reputation suffered and then Toro came and made a deal they couldn't refuse. The big companies buys the small guy and then repack their product to make more money.

So Toro is in the same boat....they have a ton of orders....and they don't have a good supply chain in place. Many other companies have the same problem.
David, the ls guy worked for toro before ls so I'm guessing he had a plan to sell to them from the get go. Set it up, promote it, sell some, and sell out.

Toro with the mfg capactity's they have don't have a supply chain issue if they cared for the line. Guessing the volume dictates the money they throw at it. The need to also educate dealers as they have little info.

Just my 2 cents.
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