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Originally Posted by greg8872 View Post
I'm referring to places where you use their site builder and point your domain to them
Oops, just noticed I mistyped that... meant to say "real" hosting wasn't meant to include just basic site builder hosting.

Also, in terms of services for mail, keep in mind that just about any place have no problem letting you use web and mobile versions of the mail. The preferred method for it (assuming you are not paying for Exchange Server service), is IMAP, with Imap all of your mail stays on the server, so you can see it in your mail client on a PC, see it web based, or see it on mobile, and what you do on one will update to the others (ie, creating folders on one, will show up on others.

The other alternative is POP main, and with that your client will log into the server and pull the e-mail off the server (usually default is to delete it from there), and then it on your machine. Any folders you create, are on your machine, server doesn't know. Also using Pop on different devices (with default "delete from server") can be confusing, your phone gets an email, it is off server, desktop client can't get it then.

Recommended way anymore is IMAP and make sure using Secure connection, and make sure you manage your trash folder. Had a client, had like 400 megs in trash... didn't know to delete items in it (many programs will give option to auto delete on close or after certain # of days it is put in there)

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